The Trouble With Escrow

The Trouble With Escrow Posted on October 14, 2016by Tim Freund When it comes to most anything, it’s safe to say California leads the way.  Mario Salvio and the free speech movement at Cal Berkeley in the early 60’s; the environmental movement of the 1970s began following the Santa Barbara oil spill even medical marijuana in

Ben Bernake Hits For The Cycle!

A baseball term?  Bernanke in a baseball uniform?  Not exactly the image most of us have of our Federal Reserve Chairman.  A few months ago, I criticized Chairman Ben Bernanke for announcing that rates would stay low to 2013.  I felt at the time that it took the “fear of loss” – a sales technique

In The Real Estate Red Zone

The opponent’s offense has marched the length of the field and is within striking distance. The question now is one of defense. Can the defense hold the line? Can they bend without breaking or will the line collapse and the market finally capitulate? There’s a saying in the law, “silence is deemed acceptance”. I have

B of A: Think Like A Borrower, Not A Bank

Bank of America is under heavy fire from every direction right now.  States are suing them over inappropriate foreclosure procedures and over fraudulent loans Countrywide made, which they inherited when the bought the now defunct lender.  They have mounting nonperforming assets and they are stepping up their foreclosure filings in an effort to finally rid

Buyers Are Exhausted

I had an enlightening conversation with a buyer prospect yesterday who had visited one of my listings over the weekend.  Her name was Ann.  I have never met Ann, though we’ve spoken several times by phone.  Ann and her husband have been looking for a home for ages.  They have a budget of about $500K,

Case-Shiller for October

Greetings from vacation!  I just couldn’t resist a comment on these numbers…  We knew going in, October was going to post a bad month in the S & P/Case-Shiller Index, and it was, yet not entirely, specifically for California.  There are 3 California cities in the Case-Shiller 20 city index: San Diego, San Francisco and