The (not so) Little Engine That Could

As I read the Los Angeles Times this morning about the lackluster GDP numbers revealed yesterday, I started thinking about what might make those numbers really pop; what could single handedly effect job growth and as a result, personal income, spending, government revenues etc.?  Almost as if in passing, the article mentioned the housing market’s improvement, led

Change Is Gonna Come

This week we celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King and with his memory as a backdrop I’m reminded of what in 1963 recording artist Sam Cooke wrote in response to the rising tide of a nation tired of racial inequality, “It’s been a long, long time coming, but I know… change is gonna come.”  His words

Economic Forecasts

The Anderson School of UCLA as well as Chapman University in Orange, independently reported their forecasts for the economy in California.  In the LA Times, the headlines were positive, but every radio report was decidedly negative.  The body of the work reflected better times ahead in 2011.  In essence their position is that California, they