Swimming Up Stream

Two men and a woman have to cross a raging river.  If they try to cross, they will surely perish.  Suddenly a voice from heaven says “I will grant you each one wish”.  The first guy says, “Give me the strongest muscles so that I may swim across this river”.  Immediately he turns into a

The World Is Not Flat At The Bottom

CNBC  reporter Diana Olick blogged today that a poll came out reporting a general consensus amongst housing experts that the market would remain struggling through 2011.  Wow, now there’s a news flash.  The predictions are explained thus: as long as employment remains high and inventory continues to be added via foreclosure proceedings, the market will

No Double Dip

One of the things economists love to do is make predictions.  Two of the most respected economic analysts, Abby Joeseph Cohen of Goldman Sachs and Lackshman Achuthan of the Economic Cycle Research Institute have independently come out stating that there will be no double dip recession.  It’s almost as if they are reading the exact