Market Forces At Work

It’s a funny thing this economy of ours; this system of capitalism where the free market drives the movement, prices and value of goods and services.  With real estate, too many homes means prices drop; not enough, prices rise.  The same is true for the labor market.  As the U.S. economy continues its slog forward,

The Good Old Days

Last night I put on the original Great Gatsby with Robert Redford.  It’s not a particularly good movie really.  I guess it’s just a story that doesn’t translate from the page to the screen.  What struck me however, was this idea of when “times were good” that is, as in better than they are today,

Something To Keep In Mind

Yesterday was an interesting day for anyone involved with real estate.  Whether you’re a Realtor, mortgage broker, buyer or seller, the events of May 28 were pretty incredible.  As is the story on the last Tuesday of every month, the S & P Case-Shiller housing index numbers were published.  They showed what anyone buying or

The (not so) Little Engine That Could

As I read the Los Angeles Times this morning about the lackluster GDP numbers revealed yesterday, I started thinking about what might make those numbers really pop; what could single handedly effect job growth and as a result, personal income, spending, government revenues etc.?  Almost as if in passing, the article mentioned the housing market’s improvement, led

The Trouble With Appraisals

You just sold your home and you are so excited.  After years of a difficult and sometimes impossible housing market, things are finally improving.  You hired your Realtor, fixed up the old place, put the sign in front and Wham! You sold it.  Everything looks great; the buyer has good credit and they’re pre-approved.  The

Pending Home Sales

So the headline wasn’t great: sales down month over month.  National Association of Realtors economist, Lawrence Yun hung the blame on tight lending standards and lack of confidence, both of which are true.  If that’s all you read or heard, you’d conclude this market stinks.  But I actually looked at the Pending Home Sales Index