There’s Gold In Them Thar Hills

Yes, yes the real estate market is turning.  Sales are up, distressed properties are down; the economy is getting better with an improving jobs picture and interest rates are crazy low.    Never before has there been such a confluence of favorable rates and prices.  It’s no mystery as to why the housing market is on

The (not so) Little Engine That Could

As I read the Los Angeles Times this morning about the lackluster GDP numbers revealed yesterday, I started thinking about what might make those numbers really pop; what could single handedly effect job growth and as a result, personal income, spending, government revenues etc.?  Almost as if in passing, the article mentioned the housing market’s improvement, led

Swimming Up Stream

Two men and a woman have to cross a raging river.  If they try to cross, they will surely perish.  Suddenly a voice from heaven says “I will grant you each one wish”.  The first guy says, “Give me the strongest muscles so that I may swim across this river”.  Immediately he turns into a

Under Water Means Under Utilized

You have probably heard by now that the consumer has not been participating the way Wall Street or the government would like in the nation’s economic recovery.  Most average Americans remain belt tightened, worried about their jobs, fighting ever increasing health care costs and the rising costs of educating our youth. In Don Lee’s Los