Trulia Acquired By Zillow

The cost of doing real estate just got a whole lot more expensive.  You know there’s an old joke: What’s the difference between and California real estate license and a California driver’s license?  Not everyone in California has a driver’s license.  The real estate industry in California has long been plagued by easy licensing and

Market Forces At Work

It’s a funny thing this economy of ours; this system of capitalism where the free market drives the movement, prices and value of goods and services.  With real estate, too many homes means prices drop; not enough, prices rise.  The same is true for the labor market.  As the U.S. economy continues its slog forward,

Something To Talk About

It’s been  a month since my last post.  If I were working as a reporter, I would have been fired by now.  So why the long silence?  Simply put, I didn’t have anything I wanted to say.  This market is so confusing that I was reluctant to say anything.  So what changed?  Frankly, not much,

Ben Bernake Hits For The Cycle!

A baseball term?  Bernanke in a baseball uniform?  Not exactly the image most of us have of our Federal Reserve Chairman.  A few months ago, I criticized Chairman Ben Bernanke for announcing that rates would stay low to 2013.  I felt at the time that it took the “fear of loss” – a sales technique

In The Real Estate Red Zone

The opponent’s offense has marched the length of the field and is within striking distance. The question now is one of defense. Can the defense hold the line? Can they bend without breaking or will the line collapse and the market finally capitulate? There’s a saying in the law, “silence is deemed acceptance”. I have