Thoughts on LA/Ventura County Line Real Estate


The market seems to be in the doldrums again.  We went from a super strong July to seasonally  normal moderate August and September, however, October has really slowed.  There aren’t many new listings in our area and the same for sales.  There’s still a couple of weeks left so I’ll hold an opinion for the moment.

5 responses to “Thoughts on LA/Ventura County Line Real Estate

  1. It’s a whole post-grad course!
    I doubt if you will hold attention. It’s great material if you had buttons to push on a web-site.
    I think short blogs would be more effective.
    The indexing so that they can choose topics is excellent.

  2. Tim, Enjoyed your blog…and the information is good. You have done your best for us and we still have hope that our right buyer will come along. Until….keep the information coming and we will keep our fingers and toes crossed.

  3. I am siding with the investor on this one. Review the irresponsible actions of a family of 11 in Simi Valley. I don’t know real estate law, but if you filed multiple bankruptcies, failed to make mortgage payments for more than 24 months, picked locks to get into a home already vacated and borrowed more than a million dollars of equity from a 500k house – well these homeowners need to set a better example for their children at the least. Am I missing something here?​hanges-locks-retakes-foreclosed/

    1. There is no question that there are many homebuyers made terrible decisions, used poor judgement and lost their homes. Still others have no ethics and committed fraud. I would suggest however that the time for pinting fingers is long past and that the secondary market remains brokern and if it weren’t for Fannie mae and Freddie Mac, things would be apocolyptic.

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