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Hello and Welcome! Thank you so much for taking the time to come and check out the 42nd edition of The County Line Gazette. The gazette is located below for you to read, but if… Read More

If The Market Is Slowing, Then What? Posted on August 13, 2018by Tim Freund… Read More

VA Benefits Helping High Dollar Purchasers Posted on July 16, 2018by Tim Freund I… Read More

You just wrote and an offer, the seller accepted and you’re telling your friends you just bought your dream house.  (Search for homes here.)  You are super excited, but what happens now?  The first thing… Read More

I was on a listing appointment the day before yesterday and the issue of Purple Bricks, an online discount brokerage out of Australia came up. They had taken a listing up the street which had… Read More

I recently put a home in Sherman Oaks into escrow.  It’s a gorgeous San Fernando Valley canyon, 4 level home that had been completely remodeled.  While in escrow it was disclosed to my buyer that… Read More

Selling a house is a lot more complicated than buying.  First of all, you not only have to ready your home but you have to keep it that way while living there.  Not so easy. … Read More

This past weekend I did a listing presentation of an older client I sold a home to some 17 years ago.  It was pristine.  It had been painted within the past couple years and the… Read More

The 2017 Republican tax bill that just passed includes several provisions that will have a direct impact on California real estate.  Most are not good, but there’s often some silver lining if you look hard… Read More

People Die, Get Over It This has to do with the odd stigma of “in home death” and the increasing trend of people choosing to die peacefully, with dignity, in their home. I showed a… Read More

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