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VA Benefits Helping High Dollar Purchasers Posted on July 16, 2018by Tim Freund I… Read More

Selling a house is a lot more complicated than buying.  First of all, you not only have to ready your home but you have to keep it that way while living there.  Not so easy. … Read More

The 2017 Republican tax bill that just passed includes several provisions that will have a direct impact on California real estate.  Most are not good, but there’s often some silver lining if you look hard… Read More

Yesterday the California Supreme Court ruled on dual agency.  Dual agency is when a broker represents both the buyer and the seller in the same transaction. In Horiike vs. Coldwell Banker, the dispute arose… Read More

The Trouble With Escrow Posted on October 14, 2016by Tim Freund When… Read More

Bank of America is under heavy fire from every direction right now.  States are suing them over inappropriate foreclosure procedures and over fraudulent loans Countrywide made, which they inherited when the bought the now defunct… Read More

I had an enlightening conversation with a buyer prospect yesterday who had visited one of my listings over the weekend.  Her name was Ann.  I have never met Ann, though we’ve spoken several times by… Read More

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