It’s Mine - Tim Freund

It’s Mine

by Tim Freund


It’s mine, it’s my house.  It’s a cute little bungalow; it’s a darling condo with a view of the greenbelt; it’s the estate home I deserve, with the pool and outdoor BBQ… oh the steaks I’ll grill!  Heck I’ve worked my tail off to get here.  I’m so excited!   We just closed. I can’t believe it, it’s mine!

Real estate.  I help people buy and sell real estate.  It’s what I do, helping people with that most important decision.  This is what it’s all about.  It’s the feeling you get.  The satisfaction.  To own a home, your home.  This is real estate.  Real estate is homeownership, real estate is life; there’s nothing better, no moment prouder, none more satisfying.  Owning a home means more than a roof over your head, though it is that.  It’s getting somewhere that our parents did – or never did.  It’s about making all the sacrifices of saving.  It’s cleaning gutters and cleaning floors.  It’s calling plumbers and air conditioning guys and telling the landscaper he needs to spend more time weeding and less blowing.  It’s trips to the paint store and Home Depot.  It’s Thanksgiving, prom and birthdays.  It’s bringing home baby; it’s hugs, lunches, it’s saying goodbye.  Goodbye to friends.  Goodbye to kids; goodbye to pets, God we love our pets… is there anything better or anything harder?  And it’s goodbye to the one that spent a lifetime with you; finding a book with a picture as a page marker.  It’s remembering.  It’s forgetting.

Real estate is home.  Home is life.  Your home, my home, our home, this life.  This is real estate and this is home.

Published on 2017-01-21 14:55:23

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