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Not All Agents Are The Same

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This morning I was speaking with a well known local agent about an offer she was bringing me on one of my listings and I mentioned I needed a home with a view for a new client.  She told me to look at a listing of hers that had an incredible view.  I looked it up and said, “that home doesn’t have a view”, and  she said “the view was incredible -it backs right up to the canyon”.  What’s amazing was that she didn’t include any pictures with any kind of view.  I pointed this out to her and she was surprised to learn this and said she would shoot some pictures today and update the listing… it’s been raining off and on today and the home has already been on the market for 196 days.  In fact she just re-listed it 13 days ago with the same pictures.  Is it any wonder most consumers view real estate agents just slightly above used car salesmen?

Published on 2010-10-23 13:46:41

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